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     If you appreciate winding down whiskey and scotch at home alone or with your friends, the branded whiskey is something you need. At Whiskey Rooms, we have a broad selection of whiskeys from around the world to suit your tastes. From traditional single malts to rare Japanese blends and limited edition premium whiskeys, we have everything, so you have to be sure to find out what you are looking for right here. 

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    Buy Hibiki 21 Year Old Mount Fuji 1st Release

    Hibiki Whisky

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    • Buy Suntory Hibiki 21 Year Old Mount Fuji Limited Edition

      What’s it like to stand atop Mount Fuji? We’re guessing if you had to bottle that feeling this is what it would taste like! This beautiful bottle is a stand out; if you appreciate Japanese whisky, this is one you’ll want to own. If you ever decide to open the bottle you’ll be greeted with…


    • Suntory Hibiki Gold Cap

      An old & rare bottle of Hibiki that features a unique gold cap and is filled with the perfectly balanced, world-famous Hibiki liquid. A real piece of Japanese whisky history. Buy Suntory Hibiki Gold Cap is a multi-award-winning Japanese malt and grain whisky mix. Sweet and woody, with a lingering, soft aftertaste. Suntory gold whiskey is smooth enough…



      Suntory is the oldest whisky-making company in Japan. Today, it is the country’s largest and most recognizable producer of quality whisky. This Hibiki 35 Years Old Limited Edition is one of the best-limited releases Suntory has ever made for the Hibiki brand. This bottle was released for the year 2017 wherein the celebration of Japan…


    What Our Clients Say

    ' Great whiskey 'Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. ordering process was easy and good pricing
    John Sendler
    The Whisky Whole Say have good value in whiskey of great quality and quite affordable at the best wholesale prices.
    Mark Don
    Makes buying whisky so easy Wanted to buy a friend in the Netherlands some Lagavulin 16yr and had great value.
    George Markiven
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