The Macallan Red Collection 50 Years Old


  • Colour

    Vintage Oak

  • Nose

    Antique Oak and soft leather, light floral notes, rich cocoa and black cherry and Ginger.

  • Palate

    Warming combination Dried fruits and wood spices moving into Dates and dark chocolate, orange Oil and hints of sultanas.

  • Finish

    Rich and complex with slight effervescent feel, with a long lasting finish of raisins, dates and creme brulee.

  • ABV



50 Years in The Making

The Macallan Red Collection reflects our deep respect for time, tradition, and craftsmanship. It is a celebration of the rich range of reds presents naturally in The Macallan—in every step of the process.

The distinctive red color weaves its way through our history, starting with the name of our founder Alexander Reid—literally “The Red”, to The Macallan’s ‘Choice Old’ range released over a century ago in 1903, through to Allan Shiach marking vintage bottles of The Macallan with a red ribbon in the 1980s.


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