Macallan Distil Your World New York Limited Edition




This limited-edition whisky embodies and celebrates the essence of New York as a vibrant city bringing together creativity, innovation, and artistry.

It delivers captivating notes of apple, peanut brittle, and milk chocolate. Each sip takes your taste buds and your imagination on a journey of discovery, bringing the soul and unique character of the city to life.

Of course, the New York release is no exception, with Roca and Logan spending time with some of the city’s most eminent artists and creators during their visit to the city. From acclaimed jazz musician Wynton Marsalis and graffiti artist Lady Pink to Guggenheim curator Megan Fontanella and designer Silverstein, Distil Your World New York is as much a product of the people who inspired it as it is the malt used to make it.

“This project is a homage to the people of New York. The daring, creative, and diverse characters we’ve met along the way,” said Logan. “This whisky is bold, flavor vibrant, and uplifting – just like each of them.”

The whisky itself is a combination of six European and American oak casks, with Logan building on The Macallan’s signature apple notes (which were conveniently appropriate for a liquid inspired by the Big Apple) with the big, bold flavors of classic American candy. “We really looked towards the quintessential tastes of New York – sweet candy, waffles, peanut brittle, chocolate, and pecans,” Logan added. “The city’s thriving street food scene was a great source of inspiration.”

This special edition whisky symbolizes and celebrates New York as a bustling metropolis that combines creativity, innovation, and artistry.

Distil Your World New York Limited Edition has enthralling overtones of apple, peanut brittle, and milk chocolate. Macallan New York Edition, each sip transports your taste senses and imagination on a voyage of exploration, bringing to life the personality and distinct character of the city.


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