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buy Macallan Folio 1. Inspiration and innovation lie at the heart of . The Macallan and nowhere is this more evident than in The Edition Series. Edition No. 3 brings to life the flavor experience.The Macallan through aroma, calls on Master Perfumer Roja Dove’s remarkable sensory knowledge and expert sense of smell to create the third unique expression in the series. Borne of two art forms, Edition No. 3 unites the worlds of whisky and aroma to reveal the complexities of single malt character and the power of the senses in creating and experiencing The Macallan. When we experience and enjoy whisky, the power of aroma is unquestionable. And it is this power that makes the approach to Edition No. 3 truly mesmerizing. buy Macallan Folio 1
Roja brought his skill to the distillery and the creative process. Nosing a range of whisky samples to provide his thoughts and interpretation of the character and aromas he encountered. Drawn from a combination of . European and American oak casks, Edition No.3 is sweet and fruity in character, balancing the heavier base recognizable in our single malts with citrus, vanilla, florals, and fresh-cut oak. buy Macallan Folio 1
We might taste with our tongues, but we also do it with our noses Anyone who has had a cold would know how much our sense of smell influences our enjoyment of food and drink. So, unlike its siblings, the new Edition No.3 doesn’t focus on taste, or legacy, but on the aroma. Who better, then, to work on aroma but a perfumer? The newest member



The first release in a 24-part series that celebrates and revisits The Macallan’s original print, press and film advertising campaign; mapping the story of The Macallan from a remote farmstead on the River Spey to a whisky that is enjoyed around the world.


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