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A rich and intense single malt offers up mature oak with subtleties of cinnamon, vanilla and dried fruit.

  • Colour

    Spanish sunset

  • Nose

    Mature oak opens to reveal dried fruits, vanilla, sweet pears and cinnamon

  • Palate

    Dried fruits and wood spices coat the palate. Ginger, cinnamon and oak give depth

  • Finish

    Full length. Long, lingering, memorable

  • ABV



The Quest Collection

Every single malt within the range is an exploration of flavor and texture, from vibrant and fresh through to rich and intense, concluding with a whisky that signifies the essence of The Macallan. The Macallan Enigma represents the pinnacle of the Quest Collection journey in this rich and intense whisky.

At The Edge Of Another Discovery

Perfectly capturing the ultimate sherry richness, the Enigma single malt is characterized by full, lingering flavors of dried fruits, rich cinnamon, and intensely smooth wood spice; heightening anticipation in our never-ending quest for perfection.

Portraying the cross-section of an oak tree. The Macallan Enigma depicts the heart of The Macallan, revealing a new journey and an undiscovered world once again.


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